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Google unveils Apps reseller programme

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 14 January 2009

Web behemoth Google has whipped the covers off an authorised reseller programme for its Google Apps suite. The company launched Google Apps for business two years ago and the suite is today used by more than 1 million businesses with 3,000 new companies signing up each day. Google has been working through a number of partners on business deployments and is now launching an authorised reseller programme for solution providers across the globe.

With customer understanding of cloud computing increasing, Google reckons that there is a significant opportunity to build a partner network that provides businesses with complementary products, training and integration.

"Google Apps has reached a level of maturity where it is useful and valuable for almost any business" said Dave Girouard, president of enterprise at Google. "This programme gives IT solution providers an easy way to introduce cloud computing to their service offerings, while helping more businesses make the transition to this new era of technology."

Google will provide resellers with training, support, and tools for sales and marketing, as well as access to tools for integrating Google Apps into their customers’ business operations. Resellers will bill their customers directly, enabling them to retain a close relationship with customers.

“Google Apps is the key to growing our ‘Enabling Enterprise 2.0’ business," said Laurent Gasser, CEO at Paris-based technology solutions provider Revevol. "Revevol founders were the first European professionals trained on Apps in November 2006, because we saw very early the huge potential of these tools.”

“Today, the maturity of Google Apps after such a short period of time is amazing. For our large organisation clients, Apps is now a real option on all deals where CIOs and top management are looking to replace their legacy solutions while saving costs and enabling anytime, anywhere access to information," Gasser added.

Writing on the official company blog, Paul Slakey, director of enterprise channels at Google, stated: “Today we’re excited to announce the Google Apps authorised reseller programme. With this release, solution providers globally can take advantage of tools that enable bundling of sales, customisation and support for Google Apps premier edition for customers of all sizes.”

”We’ve adapted this programme to complement resellers’ current business models. Authorised resellers have the flexibility to combine their existing services with Google Apps. With cloud-based Google Apps there is no new hardware or software to maintain,” he added.

The Google Apps reseller programme is now open for applications from interested firms around the world. Potential resellers will be evaluated based on relevant experience and credit worthiness, and can learn more at www.google.com/apps/resellers.

Google is encouraging applications from companies with a strong SaaS orientation and a business model built around providing value-added services and solutions. Authorised resellers will be able to begin selling Apps by the end of March.

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