March 30, 2020

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High-tech stock control at EET Nordic

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 24 September 2009

Denmark-based European distributor EET Nordic has taken a high-tech approach to stock control in its logistics centre in Ballerup. EET Nordic, which has annual sales of approximately US$160m, has installed more than 50 Axis network cameras to monitor its warehouse and increase overall efficiency in the logistics process. As a distributor of Axis kit, EET Nordic should have got a good price for the cameras.

The 50 network cameras are connected to a central server and controlled using Milestone’s video management software. Using the video monitoring systems, EET Nordic reckons it can document what has happened with each individual consignment. EET Nordic distributes IT kit and spare parts and has offices in 13 countries across Europe. The majority of EET Nordic’s deliveries are dispatched from the Ballerup logistics centre in Denmark.

“Always being able to document to our customers what has happened to the individual delivery whilst it was our responsibility, gives us great confidence and security. Customers also find it easier to accept our conclusion of the event when we send them a video sequence as documentation,” said Tom Kjærulf, logistics director at EET Nordic.

EET Nordic reckons that customers are more confident working with a distributor that can fully document orders on video should any doubt arise. The videos recorded are kept for 30 days and if a customer contacts the distributor because he did not receive his order, or believes the delivery is faulty, EET Nordic can immediately pull up the relevant video to see if the mistake was caused by EET Nordic or happened elsewhere in the supply chain.

The video monitoring system has already saved EET Nordic a great deal in terms of both goodwill and money, according to the company. EET Nordic claims that it has experienced instances of consignments with values far exceeding the cost of the new monitoring system, which have not reached the end customer. The video system allows the distributor to prove that the consignment left the warehouse and that the fault lies elsewhere.

“We are constantly following the technological development to make sure we get the most out of the functionalities that Axis Communications’ products offer in collaboration with software from Milestone. In the future we will implement new features such as face recognition in relation to access control, two way sound, analysis of images and full HD image quality,” said Kjærulf.

Magnus Zederfeldt, sales manager, Axis Communications Scandinavian and Baltic countries, said: “Axis network cameras are used more and more often for alternative monitoring purposes, and an installation like the one at EET Nordic clearly indicates the great advantages of the cameras when it comes to making the work flow, operational security and customer service more efficient. EET Nordic’s installation goes to show that Axis’ network cameras can be used for more than just protection.”

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March, 2020

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