June 18, 2019

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Perforce Improves User Experience in Asia

by Tom Snee, Monday 20 October 2014

Perforce Software today announced the availability of several of its foundational version management and collaboration products in Korean and Simplified Chinese. The localised software will further support companies in Asia as they streamline their development and release processes.

Perforce fosters collaborative creation and management of digital assets. It scales to support highly automated environments - such as those used in Continuous Delivery practices—and enables teams to work together across department lines on files of any type or size, including source code, configuration files, documents, and large binaries such as video and image files.

The following Perforce products are now available in Korean and Simplified Chinese:

P4D, Perforce’s core versioning engine, protects companies’ IP and serves as the single source of truth repository for all enterprise assets. P4D offers comprehensive support for Git, federation for multi-site teams, and superior scalability. P4V, Perforce’s visual client, is the graphical interface for files versioned in P4D. It enables companies to automate branching and merging, see a holistic view of which files are checked out and by whom, and provides a visual graph of a file’s history across various branches. P4Admin provides an easy way to administer groups and permissions while providing an overview of running commands and connections. P4Merge unifies files, from documents to code to graphical images, by enabling users to visualise differences between file versions and easily resolve conflicts. Documentation including Introducing Perforce, P4 Systems Administrator Guide, P4 User Guide, and Perforce Server Administrator’s Guide: Multi-Site Deployment. Perforce solutions and tools are all highly customisable to suit the needs of various organisations.

The Perforce 20/20 Program allows start-ups and small companies to use Perforce products free of charge for up to 20 users or 20 workspaces, and includes access to Perforce’s award-winning technical support.

Traction in the Region Perforce is used by many of the largest and most successful Korean and Chinese companies, such as consumer electronics leader Samsung, premier games publisher NCSoft, and leading chip manufacturer SK Hynix. Furthermore, the localisation of Perforce products follows the success of Perforce partners Shanghai DragonSoft Digital Technology Co., LTD in China and MOUSoft in Korea. Customers in Asia continue to have access to Perforce partners for consulting, integration and local support.

“We’ve localised our products to help companies in Korea and China solve complex collaboration issues that hinder innovation,” said Dave Robertson, VP of Channels at Perforce. “We’ve always been committed to our customers and partners in Asia, and the localisation of our products is another way we’re affirming that commitment.”

[1] All results based on a composite organisation. "The Total Economic Impact™ Of Perforce Version Control: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Perforce Version Control,” was conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Perforce in May 2014

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