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Seagate kicks off 2015 with new logo

by Stuart Wilson, Sunday 4 January 2015

Storage giant Seagate has kicked off 2015 by announcing what it describes as a ‘dramatic and contemporary rebranding that reflects how its rapidly expanding solutions portfolio is helping consumers, businesses and partners create, preserve and share their most precious content and data’. That means a new corporate logo.

“The new Seagate brand is a powerful representation of the total commitment that Seagate is making to help businesses and consumers realize the full potential of ‘living’ data,” said Steve Luczo, Seagate’s chairman and CEO.

“We are refreshing the look and feel of our company and we are redefining the relationships we have with our consumers, businesses and partners. The campaign will help reinforce our unique position in the marketplace – offering a wide variety of component technology, as well as complete solutions, that give our customers total flexibility in how they manage and access all of their content and data,” Luczo added.

The focus of the new Seagate brand is the ‘Living Logo’, which the company reckons will showcase data as a living, vibrant thing that powers human invention, culture and advances. Through a partnership with Getty Images, Seagate will be able to use the ‘Living Logo’ on its website to tell an infinite number of visual stories about topics such as technology pioneers and breakthroughs in human history.

The Seagate ‘Living Logo’ (as shown on the company’s website) is made up of hundreds of small images, which move around on the screen.

The ‘Living Logo’ itself represents new patent-pending software technology and will be the focus of a national awareness campaign backed by Seagate’s largest marketing investment ever. The ‘Living Logo’ was developed in partnership with creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners. In addition to award-winning visual content from Getty Images, Seagate will enable consumers and businesses to view living data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other sources in the coming months.

Seagate’s new logo is splashed all over this week’s International CES event in Las Vegas, including on the backpacks issued to the press contingent from around the world. Seagate claims that its new products announced at CES reflect the new company brand, including cutting-edge new consumer products like the world’s thinnest portable hard drive at 7mm thick to personal cloud solutions that enable people to easily access music, videos and documents at home no matter where in the world they are.

Seagate’s new brand and ‘Living Logo’ rollout will begin January 4, 2015 online and continue throughout the year.

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