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Lenovo looks for channel loyalty

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 26 May 2008

The new Lenovo partner network (LPN) has been launched in EMEA. The comprehensive channel programme will offer new benefits for all channel partners and higher rewards for Lenovo’s most dynamic business partners in EMEA, according to the vendor.

The enhanced LPN has two classes of channel partners, member and premium, with improved benefits for both. The new premium partnership tier is designed to build stronger, longer-term business relationships between Lenovo and its most active channel partners. To qualify, partners must meet a series of business and technical criteria, including a mutually agreed-upon annual business plan.

The advantages of premium partner status, open to both existing and new partners, include attractive bonus rebates for Lenovo TopSeller products as well as standard rebates on the entire Lenovo product catalogue. Premium partners also benefit from generous co-marketing support and access to Lenovo sales leads.

“It empowers us to enhance our business,” said Nadeem Khanzadah, senior manager and head of category management, retail division at Jumbo Electronics. “The new approach enables us to develop new opportunities in the market, and expand our business with Lenovo. It’s a high value, high growth-oriented model.”

The premium partner benefits in the new partner programme are in addition to a series of enhancements available to all new Lenovo partner network members. These range from new sales rep incentives and eligibility for special bids to access to historical training data and a streamlined sign-up procedure.

”They’ve managed to put structure into the partnership, to reward those that bring value to Lenovo. You know where you stand as a reseller,” said Jonathan Wall, marketing director at UK online retailer “It shows that Lenovo is positive for the future and looking for partners who are growing, and it shows the ambition they’ve got for the future.”

Ahmed Khalil, recently appointed regional manager, transactional business for Lenovo Middle East, Egypt and Pakistan, said: “The new LPN will enable high value-added partners as well as cost-conscious online resellers to better serve their customers and grow revenues. Our goal is to make Lenovo the most attractive choice for PC resellers and VARs across the region.”

CE ANALYSIS: The new LPN ticks the right buttons in terms of current channel trends: greater partner commitment equals greater rewards. That’s all well and good, but the major challenge for Lenovo remains providing the products, prices and promotions that the reseller community can really get excited about. The programme is in place but Lenovo also needs to provide the full package in terms of offering to tempt channel partners to switch resources from other A-brand vendors to pushing Lenovo kit instead.

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