March 22, 2019

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M-Files launches brand-new partner referral program to capitalise on growing...

by Tech reporter, Tuesday 10 July 2018

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, is launching an enhanced partner program for the UK and Ireland. This will enable a new breed of go-to-market partners to work closely with the M-Files direct sales teams to capitalise on growing demand for effective information management solutions.

Over the past 12 months M-Files recorded 78 per cent year-on-year revenue growth in the UK, due in part to the success of its channel partners. Historically the channel and the M-Files direct sales operations have operated as two separate business units. However, the UK team is piloting a joined-up approach which will see the channel and direct sales team working closely together with aligned goals and targets. In addition to ongoing support of its highly successful VAR network, this enhanced program will offer a broader range of partnership opportunities, including referral or co-sell agreements.

This will allow M-Files to work with partners who may not yet be in a position to invest the time and resources required to be successful as an M-Files reseller; yet see huge potential in offering M-Files to their customers. This approach will also support a drive for strategic technology partnerships so that organisations who currently deliver their own technology solutions can easily partner with M-Files to deliver content management alongside their existing propositions.

Unlike other channel programs, which typically require a substantial investment from the partner, this new program will be significantly lighter touch, enabling partners to start working with M-Files far more quickly and at much lower level of investment. The aim is to make M-Files accessible to as many customers as possible, by ensuring that they can benefit from the right blend of partner and M-Files expertise.

Tim Waterton,Director of UK Business at M-Files states that this extended channel approach is all about reach and relevance; allowing both M-Files and partners to capitalise on each other’s expertise, industry knowledge and customer networks:

“Delivering technology solutions like M-Files requires four distinct skills or disciplines – identifying a potential customer, selling the solution, implementing the solution and provision of ongoing support. Most organisations are just not naturally set up to provide all these components out of the box; particularly for a third-party product. In practice a potential partner might be incredibly well placed to source opportunities and support the sales process but be less well prepared to implement and support the solution. Equally, other partners may specialise in implementation and support but lack the front-end marketing and sales skills.

“The new referral and co-sell options address that middle ground by enabling organisations whose customers are struggling with information and document management challenges to service that market opportunity in partnership with M-Files. Similarly, members of our well established Authorised Services Partnerprogram who have certified implementation and support capabilities can work closely with our direct sales team to complement our in-house delivery teams.”

Waterton concluded: “In essence, we’re taking a much more holistic approach – by assembling a broader range of partners we can now leverage their collective skills to service more customers with greater flexibility. We are simply making sure that we line up the best M-Files team for every customer; irrespective of whether that is made up purely of M-Files staff, partner staff or a combination of the two.”

The new referral program is currently being piloted in the UK with a view to this being introduced company-wide.

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March, 2019

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