June 19, 2021

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INTERVIEW: Roman Samoylov, Cactus

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 16 June 2016

Cactus is a fast-growing brand that aims to set new standards for market-compatible printing consumables and accessories. Cactus is participating at DISTREE Russia 2016 this month, giving the company the opportunity to meet buyers and senior executives from the country’s top distributors, resellers and retailers. Channel EMEA caught up with Roman Samoylov, CEO at Cactus, to find out more about the company’s participation at Russia’s leading annual channel event.

Channel EMEA (CE): What do you want to achieve at DISTREE Russia 2016? What are your goals at the event?

Roman Samoylov (RS): Our company first took part in DISTREE Russia last year, in 2015. It was a very positive experience - the event lived up to our expectations entirely. So we happily attend DISTREE 2016 and, I hope, will continue to come every year. The business forum format interests us primarily as a way to meet a number of current and potential partners at once, present new products and promising business lines, discuss the market situation and development plans.

CE: Which products and solutions are you going to display at DISTREE Russia 2016?

RS: We intend to display our traditionally strong product groups including universal consumables for all types of printing devices; photo paper; wide format paper for plotters and engineering machines; cleaning tools for office and professional use; materials for photo wallpapers based on the technologies of the German company Zihl, plus accessories and gadgets. We are also going to present a whole new business line – but we will let that be a surprise.

Choice of supplier

CE: How did your business develop in the last 12 months?

RS: Despite the effects of the economic crisis on the Russian market, 2015 was a good year for us. Dynamics varied between product groups, but altogether the volume of our sales increased by more than 15% from 2014. The sanctions and the fall of the ruble made partners and customers careful in product selection and made them look for good quality for a reasonable price. They also pay more attention to the choice of supplier. Other things being equal, brands whose vendors have a coherent approach to their customers and can guarantee a margin of profit to all parties in the sales chain attracted more customers.

CE: Which segments or sales channels offer the most growth opportunities for your company in Russia?

RS: In 2016 we are seeing attractive growth in three directions: corporate clients, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G); federal retail in Russia; sales to the countries of the Eurasian Customs Union. Those are the directions we are going to focus on for the 2016 financial year.

CE: Why should distributors and resellers take on your products? How is your offer better than the competition?

RS: Cactus is one of the leading suppliers of universal consumables in Russia. We offer partners a range of benefits including a vast assortment of products at competitive prices; commercially smart and appealing packaging; assured availability; advertising and marketing support; and price management for every sales channel and a guaranteed margin of profit for all parties. Our products also utilise patents that do not infringe on OEM manufacturers’ copyright and guarantee partners security and peace of mind.

Guaranteed margin

CE: Do you have a structured channel support programme?

RS: The Cactus distribution system in Russia has a three-tiered structure. This arrangement works the best for us. Our main task as a vendor is to provide partners with their guaranteed margin and make business with us attractive to partners at every stage.

CE: What support programs do you offer to distributors and channel partners for marketing, promotion and channel development?

RS: We have an authorised partner programme that is assessed at the end of every year. Partners maintain their status based on the year’s performance. The status they merit makes them eligible for various marketing privileges from advertising materials to an individual marketing fund. Distributors enjoy a fixed percentage-of-turnaround rate from the marketing fund. The marketing fund enables our distributors and partners to effectively present and promote our products in various sales channels. For our part, we provide partners with comprehensive assistance in developing, formulating and announcing their marketing actions. In 2015 we made several changes to our commercial policy to give even more support to distributors and authorised partners.

CE: How quickly is your business growing in Russia and the CIS?

RS: We opened in Russia in 2010. Over these five years Cactus has become one of the leading sellers of universal printing expendables in Russia. We hope to keep up this impressive growth and become the number one in Russia in our segment in the next two years.

CE: What else should channel partners visiting DISTREE Russia know about your company, products and solutions?

RS: The most important thing to know about our firm is that we respect our partners and appreciate their trust. We listen and hear their requests and suggestions and we never forget that a successful business depends on mutually beneficial cooperation. That is what makes us look to the future with optimism. See you at DISTREE Russia.


Channel partners attending DISTREE Russia 2016 can pre-schedule one-on-one meetings with the Cactus team through their web account.

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June, 2021

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