June 18, 2021

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Nlyte Brings Asset Explorer For Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Nlyte Software, the leading Technology Asset Management (TAM) software company, announced today the availability of its Nlyte Asset Explorer purpose-built connector for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The new offering enables users to perform discovery, mapping and reporting reconciliation against the SCCM database, expediting the delivery of security updates to all Microsoft related equipment. This capability also validates user entitlements and cost center assignments.

Nlyte Asset Explorer for SCCM is part of the Nlyte Technology Asset Management solution suite, and automatically discovers, tracks, and manages hardware, software, and IoT assets across an organization’s global network.

“Extending our next generation Asset Explorer’s discovery capabilities to SCCM-managed environments eliminates inherent Microsoft SCCM challenges most organizations face,” said Gary Paquette, Nlyte General Manager, Technology Asset Management business. “We are proud that our innovative approach to Technology Asset Management closes the SCCM gaps frustrating many of today’s business managers and IT teams.”

IT professionals have long asked for help closing the gaps with Microsoft’s SCCM tool that include scattered security controls, management server overhead, and inefficient reporting engines and dashboards. Nlyte’s new connector for SCCM helps organizations with such issues as: •The SCCM agent having been removed, outdated, or disabled. •DNS system giving false positives - assets decommissioned but still shown as active. •SCCM agent has not been installed. •The inability of security teams and asset managers to determine if software patches have been properly deployed across the organization.

In particular, cybersecurity teams, and IT managers of financial networks that add Nlyte’s SCCM connector to Nlyte Asset Explorer will benefit from: •Enhancing IT and business systems by improving transparency, cost management, and risk reduction. •Alerting SCCM managers to the devices that lack a valid agent. •Providing security teams a view of all assets (physical and virtual), matching to SCCM for gap reconciliation. •Identifying “ghost” systems for the DNS team. •Querying platforms not accessible by SCCM. •Reconciling systems to the correct cost centers and departments. •Validating that the agent is installed, configured, and fully operational.

“Nlyte’s TAM products are able to provide deeper insight about any hardware or software assets – connected anywhere – across the entire extended enterprise,” said Robert Neave, Nlyte Co-Founder, and CTO. “Our ability to integrate and bolster the value Microsoft SCCM provides our joint customers is a natural evolution for our next-generation suite of products.”

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June, 2021

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