May 14, 2021

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Hughes Europe brings satellite power to German technology giants

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Milton Keynes, UK, 28 March 2012 - As Hughes Europe looks to expand its provision of broadband solutions through a network of service provider partnerships, Hanover-based Aßmann Technology GmbH makes use of this tailored approach to communications solutions.

Expanding broadband solutions can provide end-user organisations with communications systems which are perfectly tailored to their often demanding and highly-specialised requirements.

Successful growth must combine specialist knowledge of local markets and customer challenges with solutions based on a resilient yet flexible communications platform. In addition, to meeting these goals effectively partner organisations must themselves have similar business objectives and complementary products and skills sets.

Cohesive support In the case of Hughes Europe and Aßmann Technology, now a Premium Partner in Germany, the result of this synergy can create a strong springboard for future growth, through a series of satellite-based communications solutions for an increasing range of vertical markets throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. For some multi-national companies the development of effective solutions for global manufacturers requires a supporting integrated communications infrastructure.

Those larger companies will have recognised the need for full pan-European coverage for their multi-national networks. Establishing a relationship with a specialist provider of satellite communications who can offer communication tools which deliver a resilient ‘one-stop shop’ coverage solution, can be of great benefit here.

The result is that, value-added resellers (VAR), are able to offer secure, reliable and cost-effective ‘new generation’ high-speed internet via satellite. This is made possible using high performance dual Ka/Ku band router broadband technology. It provides connectivity to a broad range of customers, from end-users and small to medium-sized businesses to multi-national enterprises and government organisations.

By combining a two-way satellite connection using a very small aperture terminal and customer support, it is possible to provide ubiquitous coverage and high performance. This means that customers can be online anytime and anywhere with broadband access, independent of cable and DSL.

Encrypted solution This by itself would be valuable enough in driving revenue growth. However, in recent years the IP-based encrypted mobile telephony solution, ATGcall, has been developed and targeted at both commercial, civil and military organisations demanding highly secure communications for the transmission of sensitive data.

This development has provided the opportunity for Aßmann Technology and Hughes Europe to broaden their reach, both geographically and in terms of target sectors. Middle Eastern and African governments, for example, have shown significant interest and it is now possible to develop key third-party partnerships with some Middle Eastern companies.

Irrespective of whether an organisation operates in the public or private sectors, much can be gained from the connectivity and wide reach that satellite broadband can provide. These tailored communications will go a long way in helping to connect the global operations of large companies and the sectors in which they can now operate.

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