May 14, 2021

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Position your brand on Channel EMEA

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 11 December 2014

Channel EMEA is a content portal covering routes-to-market and channel business models related to the supply of technology and consumer electronics products. Channel EMEA was established in 2008 and is part of Infopro Digital (, the leading player in business-to-business information media in France.

Channel EMEA currently attracts 50000 unique visitors each month. The website has been accessed by visitors from 180 countries since launch and delivered millions of page impressions. The website now also offers channel news and insight into regions outside EMEA and has increased its channel coverage in both Asia Pacific and Latin America in 2014.


Channel EMEA offers the following advertising options for companies looking to increase their exposure within the EMEA channel and beyond:

Top Leaderboard: 768px X 90px €50 per 1000 impressions (CPM)

Left Skyscraper: 160px X 600px €70 CPM

Right Square: 180px X 180px €40 CPM

For more information or to discuss a specific advertising request, please e-mail


Advertorial articles enable companies to explain their products and services to Channel EMEA’s audience. The implied endorsement by Channel EMEA and the utilisation of the reach of the website and dissemination provides value to clients. Please note that all such articles will be clearly marked as advertorial on the site. Channel EMEA reserves the right to review all advertorial text and content prior to acceptance for publication.

Option 1 - €750 per month COMMENT piece (maximum 1000 words) featured on comment section on Channel EMEA homepage for one month with direct click through to complete article. Comment piece can include pictures, hyperlinks, text and contact details. Coverage on Channel EMEA twitter feed. After one month, advertorial will no longer display on homepage but will still be available on website

Option 2 - €1000 per month Package as per Option 1 with addition of top leaderboard (768px X 90px) advertising spot for the month. Please note that multiple top leaderboard adverts run on the website, it is not an exclusive campaign. Client to create and provide top leaderboard advert.

Option 3 - €1250 per month Package as per Option 2, but with advertorial appearing in more prominent FEATURES section rather than COMMENT section.

For more information or to discuss a specific advertorial request, please e-mail


Channel EMEA

Antony Parc 2

10 place du General de Gaulle

La Croix de Berny BP 20156

92186 Antony Cedex


Tel: +33 1 40 33 33 60

Fax: +33 1 40 33 33 55

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