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INTERVIEW: Olivier Chevance, Badgy

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 24 May 2018

Olivier Chevance, EMEA sales manager for the Badgy range at Evolis
Olivier Chevance, EMEA sales manager for the Badgy range at Evolis

With 280-plus top retailer, e-tailer and reseller executives confirmed to attend next week’s DISTREE Russia, the hosted buyer tech channel event offers a powerful business platform for tech brands at every stage of channel development.

The team from plastic card printer Badgy will be in Moscow next week to hold pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with partners from across Russia. Channel EMEA caught up with Olivier Chevance, EMEA sales manager for the Badgy range at Evolis, to find out more about the company’s plans for the Russian market.

Channel EMEA (CE): What do you want to achieve at DISTREE Russia 2018? What are your key goals for the event?

Olivier Chevance (OC): After developing the European market well, the next step for our plastic card printer Badgy is to approach Russia and build a strong channel to sustain the skyrocketing growth of Badgy sales. Our goal is to identify, meet and eventually recruit the future distributors for Badgy solutions in this specific area.

CE: What products and solutions will Badgy be showcasing at DISTREE Russsia 2018? What do you want resellers and retailers to know about your portfolio?

OC: We will showcase the plastic card printers Badgy100 and Badgy200 with their consumables - ribbons and blank cards. Badgy is a unique ready-to-use system that will allow distributors to address SMBs, complementing their existing product portfolio. This original solution has a proven business potential for security agencies, schools, small and medium retailers, SMBs and marketing departments.#

CE: Describe how your channel business has developed in the past 12 months? What trends have you seen and what have been the highlights for your business?

OC: We registered a 25% growth in Europe. This shows us that desktop printing of plastic cards has become better known to a wider public. Regarding the trends for our business, we see a good balance between the sales of the two products: the entry level printer and the mid-range printer.

CE: Which customer segments and channels represent the greatest opportunity for growth for your company in Russia?

OC: We separated IT distribution from office supply distribution, which enabled us to develop a more strategic approach and to build strong business relationships. We are not looking for a huge amount of distributors, but the ones that we will be able to build a long-term relationship with. We do not believe in over-distribution for Badgy. Our experience from the rest of Europe demonstrated that a targeted approach remains the best one and gives excellent results.

CE: Why should distributors focus on your products? What makes your channel proposition better than competitors in the market?

OC: The solution is unique and new in this channel. This potential is quite important and the customer base for our products represent a huge opportunity, because many of them are already channel clients. The competition is weak or non-existent.

CE: Do you have a structured channel programme? Do you offer a strong margin proposition to your partners?

OC: Our channel programme includes comfortable front margins on both consumable and printers. The back margin programme and reseller mapping is also included. We are using a powerful CRM to manage our channel and remain quite adaptable when starting in a country. We also offer POS material, marketing content and tailored marketing programmes.

CE: Is your company channel friendly? How would you describe your overall go-to-market approach in Russia? What are your overall channel goals and aims for 2018 in Russia?

OC: All Evolis products and the Badgy brand are sold 100% indirectly. We are usually working with a distributor that is helping us address the resellers. This strategy reinforces the message we always communicated to the market: we are not looking for a very large channel network, but for dedicated and trusted partners.

CE: What else should distributors attending DISTREE Russia 2018 know about Badgy?

OC: We are French, we export for 90% of our business around the planet. We became a leader in plastic card printing solutions and are now developing this new approach towards the end-user, making a complex solution available and affordable for SMBs.

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